Thursday, April 24, 2014

The emerging Asians

Asians are said to be the fastest growing minority population in the US. 

Let that sink in. 

Okay. So while you might be picking apart this sentiment for its lack of supported research or the absurd wording of the statement, let's assume its true. Asians are growing in America. That means that the commercial world is attacking them with...well maybe the commercial world is actually really behind. 

As an Asian American, it's actually really really strange how few famous actresses and models appear to market to us. In 20 years it's changed somewhat. I can now actually find an Asian looking woman in a magazine, but there are still many more white and black women. I do not say this as a judgment but as an observation. 

What if this market is Could that be possible that asvertisers and media moguls haven't even realized the cash cow they're sitting on? They could create a sitcom featuring an Asian family, they could have commercials targeted at Asian families, they could have pictures of Asian models selling fast food. 

Well if the media dramatically changed, I know it would be purely for perceived financial gain. They would have changed earlier if they wanted to be "sensitive" or politically correct. So what would I actually feel if I started to notice the media changing? Oddly I would feel accepted. Them validating that I'm not alone or ugly would be a gratifying feeling. Even if I know the intent is monetary gain, at least I know I can no longer be ignored. 

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